Sunday, February 28, 2010

Handprint Rainbow

Okay, aside from the obvious - that rainbows don't really have anything to do with Saint Patrick's Day - other than there seem to be a lot of rainbows seen in Ireland - I loved this craft for so many reasons.  The "teacherly" part of me loved it for the fine motor skills practice - cutting out six handprints and staying on the lines takes some serious concentration/hard work.  The "homeschool mom" part of me loved it for the ease of preperation (all I had to do was help them trace their hands, then they were on their own!), and the fact that throughout the day they could work on it independently.  This is one of the benefits I find in doing crafts with my kids. When I'm working with one child on something like reading, and another is working on math, and the third has finished their current assignment and is showing signs of escape  - they always have something to work on at their desk!  All of them finished this craft by the end of our day - so they quickly saw the results of their hard work - and they turned out really beautifully!   I did two things differently than this website suggests:   First, I did all the colors of the rainbow.  Second, I had them start with purple and work backwards to red.  I did this so you could see more of each handprint.  You'll see what I mean if you click on the link and see their photo example and then look at mine.   Overall, I loved this one.  I hope some of you try it!   Here are ours!
Have a blessed Sunday with your family.  Ours will be spent at church, Lowes, and in our kitchen -  in that order.  I'm hoping to finish getting the walls prepped for paint today.   As always, feel free to copy!

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