Monday, March 1, 2010

Zig Zag Braids

I found this one here:  This amazing mom, Jess, as an adorable little girl - and adorable hair ideas!   Bee and I found this one together last night and decided to try it this morning.   It was super easy to do, and looks so cute!  The one thing we did differently was not to start with the hair in six elastics - because if we had, we'd have to "double up" elastics - and taking those out isn't Bee's favorite thing.  So, I parted and added the hair one section at a time.  It worked fine for me.    These first photos are just after she had a shower, so her hair was still wet.  (note the shirt - did I mention she loves rainbows??)

Later on, we decided to curl the ends.  Tonight, I will probably braid the ends so that when we take it out tomorrow, her hair will be curly all the way to the ends.

And that's that!  Please feel free to send me photos of your darlings, or projects that you've been inspired to make/do by reading this blog!   You'll notice in the background that our kitchen (where we do hair) is under construction at the moment - hopefully you'll be seeing it slowly transform over the next two weeks - when I hope to have it done!!   Whatever you're constructing today, have fun!  And as always, feel free to copy!

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