Friday, March 26, 2010

My Little Cone Head - an around the head headband

I think when I tried this:  I was more wanting to learn the technique than really in love with the style. This is by no means a slam to the blogger who posted it - I get most of my best styles from her site!!   Bee did get lots of compliments on this do, but I just think she looked like a cone head from that early 90's movie... What do you think?

I just love how the end of her hair curled under in the next photo.
That pesky little hair on the bottom did NOT want to stay in!

If I do this again, I think I would do it with pigtails instead of a pony, and use a much thinner elastic to hold the piggies in - thereby (I hope) making the cone shape much smaller or non-existant.  It turned out cute - but isn't my favorite, and it was a one day 'do.  I should have taken a photo of her hair this morning when she woke up. It was hysterical!
Have a great afternoon, and as always, feel free to copy!

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