Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tricks of the Trade: Holiday Photos

This next trick is one I've been doing for years, and wanted to post today - so you still have three days to act on it, if you'd like to do it as well.  :)  This trick is based on the fact that holidays are generally over-sugared, over-excited, overwhelming experiences for children. 

This Sunday morning, most of us will be heading to church to celebrate Easter. And even if you go to a church this is as lax as ours (jeans are perfectly acceptable attire to services), most of us get dolled up on this special day. Girls in bonnets and bows, boys in ties and button-down shirts...they looks so adorable, you just MUST get their photos!!   Only here's the're running late, everyone has to shower and eat and get their hair done. Someone needs to take the dog out, and tie shoes, and keep the littles ones out of the jelly beans.  Kids are jumping because grandma and grandpas have come for a visit and because they know that somewhere lurking in their homes are baskets filled with bunnies and eggs and toys.   It's at this moment that you decide to pull out your camera.  When you have about three minutes left before going to service.  Now, if your house is like mine - those three minutes involve frustrated mommy, less-than-compliant children, and a husband giving me eyes of "do we really have to do this"?

Because my answer is "yes", I have found a solution.  Simply get your babies all dolled up a few days BEFORE Easter (or whatever holiday it might be)!!  Make it a low stress time when you have no place to be.  Put on some fun music and let them chose every (other) pose you take.  You'd be amazed at the beautiful photos you can take when you aren't in a rush.   And now that you have them, that's one less thing to do on Sunday morning!  (Of course I'll still have my camera out on Easter - but we won't have to sit for "formal" shots - it will be candid all the way!)  Here are a few of my favorite shots from this year's Easter photos.

Send me photos of your Easter babies, and as always, feel free to copy!  Stacy

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