Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stained Glass Cross

When I saw this craft, I knew it was one I wanted to do this year.  Then I read these directions: http://crafts.kaboose.com/stained-glass-cross.html and decided that maybe I wouldn't. The directions on this page are horrible.  But the craft was one I really wanted to do.  So, we made our own step by step instructions if you'd like to do it as well. Enjoy!

Step one:  Using a tracer (to ensure they are the same) have the kids cut out two identical cross shapes.
They should look like this when they are finished:

Then, mom or dad (or whoever is in charge at the moment!!) should cut out the center of the crosses.  Now, don't get too crazy about this. They should be similar, but don't have to be exact for the project to look nice.  When you are done, they should look like this:

Next, cut a length of clear contact paper that is big enough to go over the cross twice, and place one of the crosses down like this:

You'll notice that I left the other side covered still. This is to protect it until you are ready.   I had precut tiny pieces of tissue paper and had them ready for the kids.  Next, they put the tissue paper all over the empty area in the middle of the cross.

When that is done, carefully place the other cross on top of the one with the tissue paper over it.  I found the top cross didn't want to stay put, so I added a bit of tape to each edge of it.

Next, uncover the remaining side of contact paper (this is a big kid or grown up job only) and press it down over the cross.

Then have your children cut out the cross shape. 

That's all!  Hang in your window and enjoy!

This project takes a little effort, but is well worth it. I think they look so nice in the window. What do you think? Enjoy a week of crafts (I hope) up to Easter, and let me know which ones your family liked to do the best! Stacy

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