Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Easter Project!!

Can you believe that we are only a few weeks away from Easter?  I'm hoping to get a few projects in before then.  Here is our first one.  I'm sure that it is somewhere out on the web, but I thought this one up on my own.  First, I gave each child a thick cardboard egg cut out, a white crayon, and a white piece of construction paper.  Watercolor paper would work as well - but do not try this with regular white computer paper - it won't come out as nicely.
Anyhow, I had each of them trace their eggs all over the paper, however they saw fit, and had them decorate each egg with different designs, pictures, etc.

This is how a certain unnamed child felt about not being done with her math when we started this craft - it's amazing how quickly she finished it after we had started!  (Oh, and a sneak peak of my new kitchen counter and window to the living room!)

Anyhow - once they are done, they should look something like this:

Then, give them some water colors and let them go to town!  The watercolors magically go around and in between where they colored with crayon - it's really beautiful!

Now, the art teacher in me must remind you (and the anal retentive part of myself) not to tell them how to do this step.  I know I would have painted the entire page one color - or maybe done the colors in a certain order, etc.  But when you get too controlling about art, it kinda takes the joy out of the experience for the kids.  Just trust me on this.   Nod your head and repeat after me.  "I will let my child paint the way they want to."  Kay.  Now that we've established the rules - here is how ours turned out!
Mister Alex's Masterpiece

Jake's Original!!

And the Amazing Art of the Girl who finally finished her Math!!!!

Send me photos of how your easter egg crayon projects turned out. I'd love to see them, and maybe I'll start showcasing the photos people have sent on the blog!!   
It was a rainy, crabby kinda day around here.   I hope it was better at your house!  Hug your babies, and as always, feel free to copy!

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