Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Squares in her hair - actually they look more like rectangles!

Well, the kitchen renovation is pretty much done (photos when it is totally complete)- just a few days left of the contractor, and  some painting, but nothing more that will keep me away for long periods of time - I hope!  I love blogging, if for nothing else, a few moments of quiet to get out my thoughts.   I have quite a few styles and ideas banked from while I've been away, so get ready - here they come!!!

Of all the hair blogs I've been on - I think this one is my favorite.  The hairstyles are cute, usually quickly accomplished, and adorable!  This day we decided to try this one:  (not the first photo, but the ones following it.)  Here is our take on it - I have to admit, I put this in on a Friday morning before co-op, and took it out again on Monday morning.  It lasted THAT LONG!!  That's a keeper in my book!  :)

  I just had to get one of her outfit.  She is nine, and I will dress her like this so long as she will still let me!!  She's just too cute, in my humble not-what-so-ever biased opinion!   I think I'm going to do a give away soon on this blog - something for homeschooling or hair - what do you think??  Have fun, and as always feel free to copy!  Stacy

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  1. You should get yellow hair spray and bows and she could be Sponge Bob's cousin Sponge Bee Square Head. ;) This one looks fairly easy. I'll have to see what Ava thinks!