Thursday, April 1, 2010

And Easter 'do for Bee

I found this style: and thought it was darling.  Bee was in agreement, but we decided to ditch the "ratting" step.  It looks cute, but the very thought of combing all of that out of Bridgette's hair makes me ill.   I wanted to curl the ends when we were finished, but she wanted them straight - and seeing as she is nine...I guess she gets to have some say in the matter.  
Here is what we did. First, I combed a small section on either side of her head and plastered it down with water (and then hairspray) and connected it under the back of her head.  Putting the rest of her hair in a temporary pony helps with this step.
Then I braided two small braids on the side of her hair that had more hair (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean) and one on the other side.   I attached them under her hair as well, using another elastic over the one  I had just put in.

Finally, I took out the temporary pony tail, and combed out the rest straight!  Like I said before, I would have liked to curl the ends, but she didn't want to.  I might convince her on Sunday to let me, when she sees my hair curly.  :) 
And when it was dry, and we were doing our photo shoot:

Send me photos of your Easter 'dos, and as always, feel free to copy!

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  1. I am working on a plan for Ava's hair. We have to be at church by 8, and she is usually sleeping til about 8. SO...complex isn't going to happen. I may do her hair while I'm in choir rehearsal at church that morning. Why not? My sister sent Ava a beautiful little hair clip shaped like a cross. Here's a pic:!/photo.php?pid=5148543&id=189654496144

    It's my brother-in-law's two sisters that make these bows. Ava's cross is white with bright pink to match her Easter dress. Now to decide what to do with the hair! :)