Wednesday, April 21, 2010

criss cross 'do into a side pony

Ugh. I've been sick - so my beautiful girl's rainbow 'do lasted a few more days than anticipated!   :0)  Thank heaven for hair styles that last several days!

I've been wanting to try this style for a while now, and sadly, I didn't do it very well.  My problem was two fold - my part wasn't quite right (I didn't leave enough hair on the right side to continue the x's) and I used to much hair in each small pony - but live and learn, right?

It still turned out pretty cute- and today is day two of it with a different flower, so it also holds up well.  Anyhow, not so bad for coming off of feeling like death for three days.  :)

I hope you have all been well.  If there is a great hairstyle out there you've seen that you'd like me to try, or want tips on, let me know!

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