Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tricks of the Trade: Homeschool Music Class

I wish that I could play the piano, but I don't.   I love to sing, though, and want to pass that love along to my children during our homeschool music classes.  We've been blessed to belong to a co-op where my children have had incredible music instruction, and our curriculum includes a study of classical music, but I really want them to be able to belt out a tune, in key - and love every minute of it like I did when I was in school.
My "trick of the trade" for today is.... !  

There are literally thousands of songs on that website that are "karaoke" versions.   You know, it's just the music, with the words scrolling on the bottom of the screen?   My kids have learned so many songs this way!  This week, we've been gearing up for our co-op's talent show, and Bridgette has been learning a new song.   It couldn't be easier. Each day, I play this: , and let her sing along.  If she needs "tweaking" in any area, (words, diction, speed, etc.), I simply press the pause button, review with her what she needs to know, scroll back the arrow to the place she needs to try again, and viola!  It's like having your own accompianist in your home.   I have done this several times with my children in the last few years.   Here is Bridgette's song she is currently working on:

And one from all the kids this past Christmas:

The reason they are not looking at the camera is that they are looking at the screen for the words.  They do eventually memorize the words, and then all you have to do press play, and turn off your monitor.  The music will still play as normal, but they can no longer see the words.     This really works!!  All you need is a computer, and access to the internet.   And best of all, it's free!  :)

I'd love to see videos of your children singing along with youtube videos!  Send me a link, and I'll post them here on the site.   Today is a "running" day for our family - here, there and everywhere!  But people are already up and moving and in good moods which helps.   Have a fantastic day, and as always, feel free to copy!


  1. I'm sure you realize she's starting to develop vibrato. She's 9, Stace. That's NOT something that is taught at her age. It's a gift. This is coming from your music teaching friend. And knowing that she doesn't even have the lung capacity that she should makes this even more astounding because she can sing even without "normal" sized lungs!!! I'm in awe of your girl and God's amazing work in her. She will never cease to teach me more and more about the love of our Father. Give her big hugs and kisses from me.

    Also...I think my kids would have fun with this. We might do it once in a while just for fun. My piano skills are seriously lacking. :)