Friday, April 16, 2010

A Rainbow of Puffy Braids - Headband

As you all know, my girl loves rainbows!!  When she came out with this shirt for the millionth third time this week (yes, it was clean each time), I figured I ought to do a 'do that went with it!!  I found this at one of my favorite sites: and did it almost exactly the same - just two minor differences.  The first difference is putting in six rows of puffy braids instead of five - so that we'd have a row for each color of the rainbow.  Secondly, do you see in her photos how the ends of her daughter's hair stick out a bit?  This is adorable on little girls - but when they get a little older and conscious about how their hair looks - Bee doesn't like it sticking out so much - there is a simple way to make them lay flat!  I used my "mini-tospy tail" on the ends of each puff braid like this:
Here is the final look from all sides!  Can you see the rainbow?

Today is our last day of nice weather before some storms come in, and I expect we'll spend quite a bit of time outdoors today.   It's our first Friday after co-op ending, and it feels like we have all the time in the world!   Enjoy your babies today, and like always, feel free to copy!

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