Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Hair Style!

Day two of blogging, and another hair style!  The hair ideas I copy will probably take over the majority of my posts, as I enjoy them so much!  And finally, finally, finally...I have a little girl who is loving me experimenting with her hair.  Mind you, she doesn't love the knots I have to get untangled, but she loves the end resutls!  Here is one we did a few days ago, called webbing.  I've seen this on many hair blogs, but this mom has several that I love!   Check out Shaunell's hair blog at  for many great hair ideas!!

  This is super easy if you have a comb and tiny elastics. The clear tiny elastics make so many of these hair styles possible.  And despite what looks like a pouty face (not sure why I didn't get a smiling photo this time), she loved this style, and was sweet the whole time I was putting it in. It stayed in all weekend!  In fact, we didn't even take it out until churh  on Sunday morning (when we did the hearts from the last post).   Several of you sent me photos either here or on FB showing me your little girls' with the same style. I love that!  Keep 'em coming! 
And as always, feel free to copy!!

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