Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We decided to do an easy do today.  I've learned from the blogs I've been reading that you can literally make any "easy" hairstyle (like piggies) cuter by just adding a bit a flare.  A bow, a flower, or in this case, two tiny "tospy tailed" piggies which fed into the big piggies at the ends.  Seeing as we were just staying in today (but why not have cute hair??) we decided to copy this easy hair do from chic clips over at:  http://chic-clipshair.blogspot.com/   I've just discovered this blog, but I like what I see. Easy styles, with tons of cuteness!!
Here's our version of that do:
This literally took about five mintues once her knots were out.  We did this straight out of the shower, and I would suggest doing it with wet hair.  I love that it is a twist on a more plain hairstyle (piggies), and that it is out of her face!!!  A quick suggestion concerning the topsy tail - make your piggies a little looser than normal before you try to pull it through - you can always tighten them again after you flip - otherwise you might hurt your princess's (that doesn't look spelled right - ah, well, this isn't a spelling blog) head. As always, feel free to copy!


  1. It's spelled correctly. :) Doesn't the blog site offer spell check? Very cute. Makes me wish I had a girl to do her hair. Did I ever teach you the 5-string french braid? It would look great in Bee's hair.

  2. No, but I would LOVE to learn how to do it! Grab a neighborhood kid and a camera, and send me the step by step, please! :)