Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

My first copy cat entry has to be a hair style, as that is what made me want to do this blog in the first place.  Today's hairstyle comes to you from Mindy at .  Her blog is amazing, and her tutorials are really helpful when trying to figure out her adorable hair styles!!   In honor of Valentine's Day, here is how Miss Bee went to church this morning. 

  This is a pretty simple hair style. You simply need a comb, a topsy tail, two colored elastics, two butterfly clips, and six clear tiny elastics.  After making a part down the middle, make two very loose small pigtails.  Use the topsytail upside down, and split the hair in half - braiding each side. Secure each braid with a tiny elastic, then secure them both together with a third.  Then simply clip the butterfly clip at the bottom to make it look like a heart.  I sprayed with hairspray, but it had no problem staying in all morning.  Enjoy!


  1. I DID IT!!!! I'm so proud of myself right now. Posted pics on FB in my mobile uploads. :)