Thursday, February 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Craft - Handprint Shamrock

This Christmas, I started a new tradition (thanks to my dear friend Kendra) of "a craft a day until Christmas".  My kids thought this was great, and a new yearly tradition began.  Or so I thought.  You see a few weeks before Valentine's Day, they started to ask when "a craft a day until Valentine's Day" was going to start.  With their cute round precious moments eyes, and looks of  "our mom can do anything", I couldn't say no.  So we did it.  For the past several weeks (before starting this blog) we did several cute Valentine's Day crafts.  Again, thinking I was completed, I reorganized and put away our crafts.   Then yesterday morning, we were having our circle time (calendar, bible, pledges, talk time, morning message, etc.), when my oldest asked when we would begin our "craft a day until St. Patrick's day".  Oy.   You start one little thing...   :)  But really I don't mind.  I did let them know that we wouldn't be doing a craft every day (there are only so many things to do for St. Patrick's Day), but that we would do a few. 
That brings me to my copy cat for today.  First we a read this book:

Then, we did this shamrock craft from this website:

Because my kids are a little bit older, we modified the project a bit, and they did most of it on their own with just a bit o' guidance from their mama.  :)  We used handprints instead of hand cut outs, and after putting it all together, added green glitter glue as an outline.  Little mister's glue got a little globby - as I had moved on to math with the big kids and he was left alone.   I think they turned out pretty cute!  Send me photos if you tried this with your little bugs, and as always, feel free to copy!

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