Friday, February 26, 2010

Leprechaun Wall Hanging

I intend to be fair in this blog - I won't tell you that I love everything I try to make or do - sometimes hairstyles or craft projects just aren't worth the effort.  It was my intention to blog about that very thing today. The project we did this week  - and when I say that I mean it literally, because we started this project on Monday and just finished it last night - was tedious.  There were (it seemed) a billion tiny pieces to trace and cut out.  We used crayons instead of paints, which took a bit of time.  Certain parts could be glued with a glue stick (my favorite) but many had to be glued with liquid elmers glue (not so much a close friend of mine).  You would have to wait for a part to dry before you could move on - this isn't a "sit down once" kinda project. We had to do it several times a day for four days in a row to complete it.   Add to that the fact that leprechauns have nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day - I mean, it's a stretch.  It rains often in Ireland with the sun shining, thus there are lots of rainbows there, and I guess more pots of gold at the ends that are being protected by little green men?
So while every part of me wants to tell you NOT to do this project, I had a change of heart last night when they were completed. (Sorry Jeni!)  You see, they are SO CUTE!   And my kids love them. They even named them!  And now they hang in our classroom, a cheery reminder of St. Patrick - a man who loved God so much he went to a place where rainbows and mythical leprechauns lived, a place where he was once enslaved, to tell people about Him. You can learn how to make your own leprechaun here:

Here are ours!

  So we're snowed in today.  We'll still do a bit of school (I know, mean homeschool mothers around the world can unite on this one!), but then they'll get out in the snow again.  I hope you all stay warm, and as always, feel free to copy!

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