Monday, February 22, 2010

Hair Bows and Flowers!

On most of the styles that I've posted, the hair do is finished off with a big beautiful bow or flower.  We have lots of ribbon at our house, but only a few bows.  I started to look for them on line in esty stores, and boutiques, only to faint from sticker shock!  A big flower bow for $15??  I thought surely, they must be cheaper to make, and how hard can it be?

I found these two websites:

 I went to Walmart and bought about $10.00 worth of supplies, and got to it. The end results were adorable!

These are so easy to do.  I am going to estimate each of our bows/flower clips to be at or around $1.50 to make.  Some were far less.   This was just my first try, and I learned a few things. First of all, I would get crazy glue next time instead of craft glue. Although the craft glue holds GREAT!, it took overnight to dry.  I might experiment with a high-temp hot glue gun as well.  I also want to try using a wider ribbon to make some bows.  One thing that worked great was using flowers found in the clearance (one dollar or less) bin at Walmart.  You simply disassemble them and glue them on the clip one layer at a time.

I wanted to try a big flower clip today, but the little miss came out dressed like this:
  and insisted that she needed to use the rainbow clips to match her outfit.  :)

Now that we have these clips, it's time to organize them!  I've seen lots and lots of of examples of these online, but I decided to do it my own way - quick and easy!!   I simply took three lengths of ribbon and (using a simple clear pushpin) stuck them in the back of our linen closet door in our bathroom. Here we are about midway through adding ribbons and bows.  The "thing" in the middle is a toilet paper holder - for the time being it is going to house my spare ribbons.  Each set is clipped on with a tiny hair clippy so they don't fall off when the door is opened.

   I showed Bee, and her eyes lit up.  :)   I hope I've encouraged some of you to try this.  Send me picts, and as always, feel free to copy!

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