Saturday, February 20, 2010

Criss-Cross Braids into Piggies

After Bee's fun hairdo yesterday, her hair was so wavy!  Since we were going out, I didn't want to leave it down, so we did this fun hair do to pull it up, but still showcase the curlies.  Thanks again to Shaunell (whose blog, I've decided, is my favorite) for this idea:   Here is our take on it:

Instead of crossing the braids both over to the opposite pigtail, Bee's hair would only reach for one, so we crossed one, and pulled the other one straight back.  It looked pretty cute that way, though!  I think the only thing I would have done differently if I were to do this one again, is that I would take the "left over" braids (that you can see in the pony) either out all together, or I would have wound them around the base of the pigtails.

Bee gave this a thumbs up, and seeing as she just woke up, and her hair is still exactly as it was when I took these photos (minus a few stray hairs, and the curlies are now straighter) I'll take it.  I love when a style becomes a "two day do".  Perfect!  Today we'll switch out the red bows for a color matching the outfit she has on, and we'll be good to go!  This one does take a little big more time and effort. This did take about 20 minutes or so to do.  So plop your little darling in front of her favorite TV show before attempting this one, and as always, feel free to copy!

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