Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weigh - In Wednesday!

Woo!  I said last week that I'd work harder this week, and I did it!!  I just got home, and I lost 3.2 lbs tonight, for a total now of 47.4 lbs lost.   That is so much fun to write.   I feel so great!

My dieting tip of the week is: Accountability!   Yes!  I have tried dieting on and off in the past ten  few years, and what has stopped me every time is lack of accountability.  When another person (in my case, it's two people at TOPS) knows how much I weigh (yes, the actual scary number), and each week can see if I've lost or gained (because I've stepped on a scale in front of them)- and GASP!, writes it down in a little book...I do better.  Because now I'm not just lying to myself that I'm doing better when I'm really not - now there is proof...each week at TOPS we have to say our name and whether we gained or lost that week.  It's humbling, yes - oh, so humbling....BUT it works.  It really, really works.

So if you are in a rut -and find you aren't losing like you want to be, find someone to hold you accountable.  Tell them how much you weigh, and ideally weigh in with them in the room with you.  Ask them to write down your weight for you each week.  Seriously.  It sounds crazy, but it works.  You know why I think that is?  I'm almost always willing to disappoint myself (what mom isn't?) but I won't disappoint someone else.   Like right now at TOPS, the big deal for me is that I've now been there for 14 weeks, and I've lost every week.  After I weigh-in, there are all these eager faces waiting to see if I've gained or lost.  Granted, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I gain one of these weeks, they will be encouraging and loving.  However, I also know myself, and I know that I'll move hell or high water not to let that happen. 

Want more information about finding a local TOPS chapter where you live?  It's very inexpensive (only one dollar a week) and the accountability is totally worth it.   Check out this site: there are lots of useful tools - including a meeting finder.  Let me know if you join, I'd love to add into your encouragement!

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  1. I have found that accountability on many levels works best for me, not just knowing that someone is going to know my weight. It's why I started blogging about it and sharing with others that I was working at this too. I HATE having to tell my group that I had a gain or stayed the same, and I hate writing it on my blog even more. ACK! I'm glad you've found what works for you. It's always good to know how we tick so that we can accomplish our goals better. You're probably going to hit 50 lbs next week!!!! I can't wait!!!