Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Summer of Fun

I got this idea a few years ago from my friend Pam, who wanted to let her kids enjoy their summer, and asked them what they wanted to do with their vacation. They made a list, and tried to do as many of the things they came up with as possible before school started in the fall.

At the beginning of each summer, we now also sit down as a family, and come up with a list of things we'd like to do.   We call it our Summer Fun list and purpose to do something on the list each day of the summer. Some activities get repeated, and some are "one time only" types of events, but all are fun, and all are done together.  The kids make up most of the list, with guidance from Mom.   The only rule is that it has to be something you can do, or someplace you can go.  It can't be out of this world, cost millions of dollars, or involve something to buy (one child who will remain nameless wanted to list all the video games he was hoping to purchase this summer).  :)

Here is our list for this summer:
I would love to see your summer lists!!

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