Thursday, July 1, 2010

A craft each day until...Fourth of July! Fireworks, of course!

I came up with this one on my own - and it was lots of fun!
You need:
Black Construction Paper
Skinny paint brushes
Poster Paints in various colors
Glitter glue/paint (optional)
White crayon (optional)

The brads act as a center for the fireworks - so give each child a few (four or five work best, I think), and have them punch them through the paper wherever they see fit.
When that is done, have them write the words (optional) Fourth of July 2010 somewhere on the page.

Then supply them with the paintbrushes and various colors of paint, and show them how to paint lines going out from the brad to look like fireworks. 
  The glitter paint/glue adds a little pop, but Bee didn't use any, and her's came out cute as well.

Lastly, make sure you are also involved in the craft project.  My kids LOVE when I sit down with them and actually do the craft. Not only am I modelling for them the "right" way to do it, I'm having a blast and they feel like we've done something together as a family - not just something I've provided for them to do. Does that make sense?  My kids want me to be hands on, and require that my work goes up on the big door with theirs.
Happy Fourth!!


  1. Great idea, Stacy! My kids always want to hang my work with their work too. :) Sometimes I indulge them, and sometimes I do not.

  2. We just did this craft kind of spur-of-the moment. I asked Eric to buy straws for me the other day when he was at Walmart so we could do the star craft w/the straws in between. Unfortunately, I didn't tell him what they were for, so he came home with neon colored straws. haha! We did this one instead since I had all the stuff for this anyway. Thanks for making my life easier by planning all these crafts for me to copy. I think I am your biggest fan! ;)