Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Need something fun to do on a rainy day?

I couldn't think of a thing to do, so after church, I started cleaning out closets...when I ran across the flower girl dress Bee wore in a family wedding recently. I realized that I didn't have any candid shots of her in it, and it wouldn't fit my closet organizing was put on hold and we ran out between the raindrops to get some photos of my beautiful girl.  (Thanks, Jeni, for the idea to have a photo shoot!)   Of course, the boys had to get in on the action, so I found some clothes for them to wear.  Each child had their special time with mommy, and two of the three thought this was a very fun way to spend our afternoon.  My appologies to child #2, who doesn't enjoy having his photo taken...I guess they can't all be photogenic.

Here are some tips to make photographing your kids enjoyable:

1. Keep your expectations low.  Sometimes they just aren't in the mood.
2. Go outside and use natural light.
3. If your backgrounds are sketchy, make your photos black and white - it covers a multitude of sins.
4. (From the most awesome photographer I know, Deb ) Don't always make your child smile and say cheese - sometimes you can get adorable shots when they aren't looking at the camera.
5. Have fun - when you start getting frustrated, the fun gets zapped away.

Here are a ton of photos from today. Enjoy my babies!!


  1. These are GREAT, Stacy! That dress makes Bee look soooooo grown-up!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them.