Friday, July 2, 2010


I found this style here: and although there isn't a step by step on her blog - I did it the best I could.
I should have done step by steps myself - but didn't - I basically made four twists, with four tiny ponies behind to hold them back.  Each of the twists was connected to a tiny pony in the back (just to hold the hair in, now that it is so short!) then I pulled all her hair into a half pony/bun and added the flower.  This one takes a little time, but is worth the effort - and remember, Bee's hair is only just below her ears now - if I can do this on her short hair, anyone can!
Here is how our's came out:
Okay, in this photo, you see the part that goes straight across her head, behind the last twist?  I took four squares of hair, and added each twist to one of them. this held her hair back.  You can sorta see the one all the way to the left.
I also put an elastic at the base of each twist, just to hold it in place better.
This was a little complicated, but turned out really cute, and is still in her hair today.  I'll add a new flower or bow when we go out later - to match her outfit today.
I'm searching for a cute fourth of July 'do...will keep you posted on that.
Have a happy Friday!

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