Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Craft a day unitl...the fourth of July! Dreaded Wreath

I feel as though I have to blog about this craft: even though I disliked it.  We did it, and you might like it, so I'll show you anyhow.
Part of my problem is that I didn't have double stick tape - that being said - even if I had had double stick tape. I don't think it would have helped.
We had the following issues with this craft:
1. The tubes were really difficult to roll, even for me - getting them just right and equal in size was impossible for the kids. This made them frustrated - and made the project less then fun.   One temper tantrum over "I just can't do it" errupted - you know that is never a good sign.
2. Because they aren't the same size, they really don't lay nicely on the circle you've cut out.
3. We needed to use copius amounts of runny elmers glue (which, if you've followed this blog for any length of time, you realize isn't a good friend of mine), which means it took forever to dry.
4. The finished product looked nothing like a wreath - fireworks, maybe - but a wreath?  Nope.

So this got a big thumbs down from the littles, and from me - but here is our journey - enjoy!
Look at the innocent faces, believing fully that this will be an enjoyable experience...

So that's that.  If you try it, and it works better for you, please pass on your tips - not that I think we'll attempt this again, I'd just love to know where we went wrong!
Happy Fourth!

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  1. We did a wreath project last Christmas that you might like better and try in the future. Save toilet paper rolls for weeks. Paint them. A grown up cuts them kind of half-way (if you decide to do this, I'll explain that better), and you put them on a metal coat hanger that you shape into a circle. Then, you have an automatic hanger for it as well. We also made poinsettias and glued those on for decoration. I'm sure there's a pic on my FB. :)