Friday, July 2, 2010

A Craft a day until....Fourth of July: Cascade of Stars

We did two crafts today this one I LOVED (the other one, not-so-much, but I'll deal with that in my next post).  I found it here:  This was great for so many reasons.
First, there was no mess.  It was a simple craft with minimal supplies - in fact, we had all the supplies we needed on hand already.
Second, there was tons of "hidden learning".  This was mostly for Jake, but still - learning is learning, even for the big kids.  They worked on fine motor skills (there is a lot to cut!), they sorted the stars from biggest to smallest - and then had to put them on in a simple pattern, and they had to use a needle carefully.  Simple things, I know - but in summer months it's always good to keep hands and minds occupied.  Like water, a mind can grow stagnent without use.  :)
Here is how we did it:
These look so much prettier in real life than in the photos - they made a great decoration in our livingroom!

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