Monday, June 14, 2010

Weigh-in (not so much on a) Wednesday

So the name "weigh-in Wednesday" sounded so cute to me, and I do weigh in on Wednesdays - so the name will stick - even if I can't get to blog about  it on a Wednesday.

Last week, I lost another 2.6 lbs.  I have officially lost a total of 36.4 lbs.  Woo hoo!

Remember my last weigh-in post about the apple cider vinegar?  Well....yuck.  I couldn't stomach it after the first try.  I felt sick, it tasted horrible, and I couldn't fathom doing it again.  I researched some more, and found that the entire purpose of the vingar was to clean your liver - and that somehow aides in the digestion of food, and thus you lose weight faster.

I also learned that ACV can be bought in tablet form.  I hurried to my local wegmas to look for ACV in tablet form, but they didn't have any.  Then I found another all natural pill called "milk thistle"   and after reading about it more, I was hooked.  It does exactly what the vinegar does for you body, with added benefits such as squelching "free radicals" from your body.  I don't know what that means, but doesn't it sound wonderful??  :)

So, if I have a tip for the week, it is to go buy some milk thistle suppliements.  They weren't too expensive, and the benefits are fantastic.  Even if you don't have weight to lose, don't you want a cleaner liver?  I had no idea how important it was to have a clean liver until I read more about it.

My other accomplishment this week is that I've started to jog.  I walk just shy of three miles each day, and now I do about a half mile of that jogging (I know, it isn't much, but it's a start!).  I think I had written about my new sneakers, the Reebok Easy tones?  Yeah, um. Don't buy them.  I should have heeded the warning bells that went off in my head when I was offered a one year warranty for $30 as I was buying them.  I turned them down, of course.  After one and a half months of walking three miles each day, and then wearing them around the house, etc. the souls of the shoes had worn down so much that the "balls" at the bottom cracked out and deflated.  :(   I loved them, and what they did for my workout, but I returned them today. Thankfully I was still in the 90 day store warranty, so I returned them and went back to my favorite running shoes, Nikes.   No warranties needed there!

I hope your day is fantastic.  Get out and enjoy the weather with your babies!

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