Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Few Weeks....Take Two!

Maybe this will just be how it is this spring/summer - with being so busy, running here there and everywhere, I just might not have the time I did in the fall and winter to write a blog every day or so.  I might just have to do them in one lump - or do several in one day when I find myself with time. As it is, the "baby" is still asleep and the self sufficient ones are getting themselves around for the day. That leaves me with time to blog.

We had a busy weekend!
We went on a field trip to a semi-local science museum, had grandmas and grandpas come over for Bridgette's recital and celebrated Alexander's birthday (a week early) with them.  At the end of the weekend, Bee got her long awaited hair cut (I make her wait each year until after her dance recital, so I can easily get it into a bun for recital day) and looks adorable!

But...let's back up a minute. I have one final hair post (when I actually remembered to take photos!) for long hair - here it is!
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She looked so pretty that day!
More posts to follow, of our crazy life...

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