Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That kind of mom...

Yup, that's me.  I don't stress over hair.  Wait, no, I guess that isn't true.  I stress over the way the kids' hair looks only so much as I don't want it looking "ragamuffin" when they leave the house (at home, anything goes), but I don't stress over cut...or in this case color.

Bee and I have come to an agreement over her hair in the last few years.  She gets it cut only once (sometimes twice) a year, after her dance recital.  This is because I have to get it up in a bun for the recital, and that's hard to do if you've cut it short, you know?

When she gets it cut, she calls the shots - length, style, color.  This year, she wanted her hair like her best friend Emily, so off came about seven inches!  She also wanted pink streaks, so those went in too.  Yes, they are permenant.  But the ones we got last year were permenant too, and by fall they were barely noticeable.

She loves it, and gets to let out her inner "punk" once a year.  She nearly bounced out of the salon when we were done, and was literally singing a song about loving her new hair.   So forgive me, and be warned before you look at the photos - we'll be showing some shorter 'dos for a while as it grows out again.  Here are her first few.  The night we got home from getting it cut, it looked like this:

The next day, we just did some really simply tiny ponies and put flower clips in.
Yesterday we got a little more funky, and tried some messy buns with a zig zag part. She had just finished playing in the sprinkler, so her hair is soaking wet.  It looked even cuter when it was dry - but you get the idea.  Once it was dry, I should have curled the ends under, but we were off to a baseball game, and didn't have time. 
So there is my Bee's adorable new pink hair 'do!  More short styles to come in the very near future.
Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!


  1. That is awesome!! I'm "that kind of mom" when it comes to colour, although I splurge a little less... I buy the semi-permanent colours and do it myself at home... LOL.
    She looks absolutely adorable!

  2. I LOVE the pink! I think I said that last year though. I think Ava will have pink streaks eventually, but she's still a little young-ish I think. She loved seeing Bee's pink streaks! Tell Bee that the shorter hair is very cute on her too!

  3. Rock on, Bee! I have purple streaks right now, so I totally feel where Bridgette is coming from! Clare asked if she could have purple, too. I told her when she was a little older (there is no way she could sit still while it worked its magic). My mom always let me do what I wanted with my hair, and I always remember that. A way to express my individuality.

  4. Thanks, Ladies. She loves it too. She's such a little punk when it comes to dressing/hair/etc. And I love her that way! Tree - I love your purple. I almost makes me brave enough to try it! I'm going in a few weeks to get my hair chopped off - maybe I'll do a little highlight of color too!