Monday, June 14, 2010

Bee's Dance Recital

Her first number, I forgot to zoom my camera before I started to shoot, so it looks a little farther away - but Bee is the one all the way to the right.

In the next one, ballet, she is all the way to the left.

They did a really great job this year!  They are a sweet class, and it was fun to be "room mom" with several of the other moms back stage!


  1. Tell Bee she did a great job! I love that they wear the same costume for both numbers. Ava actually doesn't have all the same girls in both her classes, and they always wear different costumes for each number. Did you see the comments on my FB recital pics about the girls wearing too much make-up? I deleted the worst one, but my friend April had already seen it. UGH! It wasn't very nice.

  2. I'm not sure if I saw them all, but I did see some of them. I think that is so stupid. Bridgette loves to wear makeup - and I think she looks adorable in it!!
    That mom wouldn't like me a bit! I just let Bee get pink streaks in her hair again. lol She must be a chicken lady to the extreme. :)

  3. Haha! She DID grow up on a farm, but she is far from a chicken lady. I actually had no idea she was so conservative until she posted that. If you knew her, you would never expect it. I let Ava wear make-up for the recital, but you can't hardly see it in the photos, much like Bee.