Monday, September 20, 2010

weigh-in Wednesday

This is from last week - I hope to have a bunch of posts today as a sort of catch up.  Now that school has started, and our crazy schedule, it is going to be tough to carve out time to blog.  I will, however, make an effort. first post is to update my weight loss.  Last Wednesday, I lost 2.6lbs, for a total now of 62.8 (I think - my book isn't in front of me at the moment, I might be off a tenth of a pound).  I am half way to my goal, and I'm feeling fantastic.
My hubby has lost just over 20 lbs at this point, and I can really see a difference. Way to go, Stevie D!!

As the weather is turning colder, we've moved our workouts inside, thanks to the help of some friends from church who GAVE US a treadmill.  We were willing to buy it, but they wanted to bless us.  What amazing people!   We've each been jogging on the treadmill each morning and night as often as we can.  It is so much fun to be able to workout indoors.  This morning I jogged for an hour, and went just shy of four miles.  Not too fast, but I'm getting there. It felt good to be able to jog that long without getting winded. I only walked for the first five minues, and five minutes in the middle.  Soon I hope to be jogging for a solid hour without stopping.

Okay, off to clean my house and download some photos. I finally have a few new hair posts and a couple from school this past week.  Life here is good.

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