Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Fun ~ An Easy Leafy Craft!

The credit for this one goes to the kids' Aunt Jenn - thanks!!  She sent this link to me on FB and we had to wait for it to stop raining to give it a try.  My kids had such a blast doing this project, and having to identify the leaves that we used made it double as a science lesson!
This worked out well, seeing as we've been studying forests and deciduous trees this week!  Fantastic timing Aunt Jenn!  Here is how ours turned out.  I took a ton of photos, as this isn't one of those projects that will hang around forever.  :)
Be sure to double check for visitors.  This little inch-worm made his way into the house on one of Bee's leaves.  We played with him for a while before letting him go.

We used glue sticks for the leaves, and they dried really quickly!

I let the kids sit at the computer desk one at a time to copy the pictures. This seemed to work out well!

Bee's finished work!

And Jake's:

These three guys make me smile.

And Alex's - I swear this kid is really handsome - he just doesn't photograph well.  :)

And that's that!  Thanks again for the link, Jenn!!
Have a happy Wednesday.

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  1. This is a SUPER cute idea! We'll have to give it a try in a couple weeks when our leaves start to fall.