Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just so they aren't ignored...

My boys got hair cuts this week.  :)  The place we go (kidoozies) is awesome.  After the boys get their cuts, they get to pick whichever color spray they want to "finish" the look.  Both boys want their hair colored like this for real - maybe next summer I'll let them.  We'll see.  Here are their new 'dos with and without color. You can see how thrilled Lex was to have his photo taken the second time.  I believe I was interrupting his precious computer time...

Then - because Jake was looking so adorable, and is my photogenic child - I thought we'd do a little photo shoot.  Um...yeah - these are the shots I got:

Oy vey. This child is going to do me in.  Do you have one like him?  God makes them adorable on purpose, so you don't send them back.  :)
Have a colorful afternoon!

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