Monday, September 27, 2010

long over-due hair blogposts...first, a twist on braided bands...

I found this here - , a site I'm frequenting more often as our girlies both got their hair cut around the same time, and now have similar a similar length.  Here is how our's turned out!

Okay such a cheesy smile there - I think I remember her not so much being awake yet when I was taking these. Here are the rest.  :)

This was much easier to do with wet hair (we tried dry at first), but I think it came out really well!  I did have to an alligator clip under the bow to make the end of the braid lay flat.   Overall a cute 'do, but it only stayed in for one day... Have an awesome day, and check back soon - I'm on a roll, and just might get another post in tonight! 

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