Thursday, October 28, 2010

weigh in

Weighed in last night - and lost another 2.8 lbs. Now before you think that is some greatness, I must admit that I've been sick for a few days and haven't felt much like eating. Likely, my loss will be less next week.  :)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, advice for this week.....................

Just keeping going. No matter how daunting your weightloss journey seems, just keep at it.  Days turn into weeks turn into months.  And even if you only lose a pound a week, after a year, that is 52 pounds!

Here's a challenge.  Try to get through ALL of halloween without eating even one piece of candy.  Not even one.  Candy (for me) is a horribly slippery slope.  It is very hard to stop at just one and each teensy tiny candy bar your children bring home packed to the gills with fat, calories and sugar.  Check this out: and I promise you will have no desire to sneak into your kiddos treat bag.  :)

Have a great day full of good choices!

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  1. Better yet, do what we did and don't take them trick-or-treating. Hahaha! No, we actually had a blast tonight instead of trick-or-treating, but it wouldn't really matter to me if we had candy in the house since it really isn't my thing anyway. One piece really is all I would ever eat. I realize I'm weird. Heehee!