Monday, October 11, 2010

A craft (almost) a day untill Halloween!

I know for a lot of christian parents, Halloween is a taboo subject - and while we don't participate in the gory aspects, we do enjoy crafting and reading some of the children's Halloween stories.  With all we have going on this year, I can't promise a craft each day until Halloween, but I'll get as many in as I can.  I'd love to see photos of the ones you've copied!

Today, we read a favorite book:
Then I drew a simple outline of the old lady on a large piece of construction paper.  The characters in this book are very cartoonish, and simple to draw.  First, I had them copy the colors of the old lady as closely as possible, to match the illustration in the book.

Last night, I had drawn with marker (then photocopied on my printer) one of each of the characters from the book that she eats.  Now, if you don't feel comfortable free-handing them, just use copy paper, and trace them!  I had the kids color them in (again as close to the illustrations as they could), cut them out and glue them on the tummy of the old lady!

Here is Jake's:

And Lizzie's:

And Lex's:

They were so proud of these, and had a blast making them.  It was nice to just let them color and listen to music for a little while this afternoon.  It was a much needed break after several weeks of hard school work.
I'd love links to great Halloween crafts that you've tried and loved!

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