Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My week...or, the best laid plans...

So much for a craft a day!!  This week has been full of busyness and sickness at our house. The kids have been busy, and I've been sick.  We've done only two more craft projects for Halloween.  I might get to a few more this week, and if I do, I'll post them. 

Here's what we've done so far:
First, I found this gem here:   We read this book first:

With our newfound dieting selves, we didn't have soda bottles, so we used water bottles.  It fit better with the book anyhow - which was about a little bumpy pumpkin.  This bottle was little and bumpy!  We also used tissue paper for the face, as it seemed to conform better to the bottle.  I think they came out adorable!

 The next book we read was this one:
It's about ghosts who come to dinner, and whenever they eat something, their body turns the color of the food they ate.  My kids have loved this book for years!
When they were done reading, I had them color in a ghost who had eaten their favorite food for dinner.  They also had to give their ghost a name.  Here is Jake's:

and Miss Bee's:

And Lex's:

Pretty simple crafts for a sick mama.  I hope to rally a bit in the next few days and do a few more crafts for Halloween, but we're two crafts behind in our Mexico study for Social Studies - so we'll see what we actually get done.  I'm hoping to be well again soon - being sick really slows me down!
p.s. Oh, yeah - I did weigh in last week, and lost another two pounds.  I'll be heading to tops again tonight and will hopefully report tomorrow with another loss!!

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  1. What a beautiful new photo of you and the kids!!!

    I didn't do all of the crafts scheduled in MFW last year since we do A LOT of other art/craft projects too. If you are "behind," skip one of them. I made sure I did at least one craft per continent(for continents that we didn't study as long like South America), and usually one per country.

    Feel better, Stacy!