Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring - Warning LONG post - but does include a hair style, I promise!

Ah, spring.  The lovely weather, the flowers, the warm air returns from the south - such a lovely time of the year.  For our family, it also means:

Putting on our game face (their coaches have them practice this face - it cracks me up):

For T-Ball practices and games:

Going on Field trips:

With our best friends:

Lots of playdates at the park (this was actually the same day as the previous photos - because I don't usually take my camera every time we go to the park...):

I've found that when I'm busy and set my kids to learning on their own, they come up with things like this:

And somewhere in the past few weeks, my daughter has musically become a 'tween:

And dance practice, and gymnastics, and weight loss meetings (I'm down a total of 28 lbs as of last night's weigh-in!), and church, and picnics, and swim lessons, and a girls weekend, and a trip to Buffalo for Bee, and hanging with these guys:

And lots of adorable hair styles that I just haven't taken the time or effort to photograph and post here.  Sorry about that.  Here is one I did last week which turned out so cute.  You can find it here:

We made our bun sock a little bit smaller - but here are our results:

I thought this was so pretty - but it was a one day 'do.  By the next day, it had mostly fallen out.  So pretty though, for the day it was in!
I guess this is all to say that we've been busy. Good busy. I'm not complaining - not even a little bit. I'll be the first to tell you that my life is a blessed one.   My hubby is good to me, and as we joke, I'm a "kept" woman.  I've just had less time to blog the past few weeks. Here's to hoping that we get back to it!
I hope your spring is just as exciting and fun filled as ours has been!

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