Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still here, still crafting....just busy!

So - our last week has led up to this:
Opening night of Oliver!!  It was a smashing success, and we had fun all weekend long performing for near full audiences!
We've also continued our crafting.  We made this last week, but I ran out of time to blog about it:
Now, before you decide not to do this because it says it is for the preschool crowd - think again!  My kids loved this craft, and there are things you can do it make it more age appropriate.  First, have them write the words to the poem as their handwriting for the day.   Second, have them paint their own hands!  They'll love it!  Third, have them cut and glue the papers together. Adding these few extra steps really does make it a "big kid" project. Here is how ours' turned out:

Here is an "up close" shot of the poem we used:

Cute, huh?  And a keeper.  :)
We're finishing another craft today that has taken us all week long!  Happy Crafting Everyone!!

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