Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Craft A Day until....Thankgiving!

This is the completed version of this project  which, if you're tracking with us, should have been started a few days ago.  :)   I always try to tie in a book when we do a craft, and while this book is really about a turkey dressing up in costumes, it's still a turkey - so it fit with the craft. This book is very silly, and any age would love it:

A few tips on this one:
*give your kids super sharp metal scissors to work with when cutting the felt - kiddy or plastic scissors just won't do the job*
*I found that with the tacky glue, the rest of the pieces stuck nicely...except for the feet.  The paperclips worked so well on the sticks that we used them for the feet as well.*

*A note on the feet too - my kids had a really hard time with figuring out how to do the feet.  I ended up showing them how to do one of theirs, letting them do the other, and then "fixing" it when it was done. The feet are remarkably difficult to do.  If I were to do this over (or with younger kids) I would just make the feet for them.*
Here is how ours turned out, enjoy!

This might be my most favorite Thanksgiving craft ever - so CUTE!  These ones are "keepers".  I'm not sure how I'm going to hang them yet - maybe a string on the back or a thumb tack. Either way, they are too, too cute, and I'm thrilled with how they came out!
Two more days until Oliver opens!  Prayers for health and rest would be appreciated!

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