Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just for Fun

Bee and I are auditioning for Oliver in a few weeks at a local theater.  We were playing around with some ideas for our audition songs, and I was taking video of her - because what mother doesn't love listening to her baby sing a song over and over?   This is the song I picked for her. There are still a few sour notes, but it's a work in progress:

This is the song she'd like to sing (well, a small portion of it, she doesn't really have the words down at all, she just loves it).  She doesn't understand what the song is about, and why it isn't appropriate for a nine-year-old:

Then the stinker turned the tables on me.  We were singing together via "youtube karaoke" and I was trying out some songs.  She giggled through this one, and said I just "had" to do it.  She grabbed the camera and said it was only fair to video me, seeing as I video her so often.  This is for you, my dear girl:

I'll post you all on tryouts and how that goes. I just love that my little girl loves theater like I did at her age (and still do now!).  Praying we both get it - what an awesome experience to have together!
Have a great day, and hug your babies!

p.s. I did a cool 'do today  on bee - it's been a while.  I'll post it tomorrow.


  1. you are ALL too cute. LOVE IT! good luck with the auditions :) Love, cousin Amy

  2. Stacy, YOU LOOK GREAT! Just in the little bit of that video I can see the weight that you've lost. Thanks for being an encouragement to me.

  3. You look SO SO SO THIN!!!!! I'm so glad you posted the video so we could see you. WOW, Stacy!!! I'm so proud of you!

    I was giggling listening to Bee sing Mamma Mia songs. LOVE that musical. You both sound great. When are auditions?