Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School!

We started school today - Bridgette is in fourth grade:
Alex is in third grade:

And Jacob is in first grade:

Aren't they an adorable trio?

They love eachother, too...what more could a parent want then that?

Okay, on to business.  This year, I am going to attempt (*ahem, notice the use of the word attempt here - it might not actually happen*) to have a theme for each week or month. Mostly, the themes will revolve around holidays or seasons. The first theme for us is going to be "apples".  Today we made an apple tree for our craft project, after talking about where apples come from, and how they are part of our ecosystem - which is what we're learning about this year in science.  Here are the steps:
1. Crumple up a lunch bag (or brown paper) that you have already drawn a tree shape on.

2. Flatten the paper, and then crumple it again - this will give the tree a "bark" look to it.
3. Flatten out the paper, and cut out the tree shape.
4. Glue the tree shape to another piece of paper.
5.  Cut out a big bushy green top - I had pretraced it for my kids, so they just had to cut it out.
6.  Write the words "apple tree" at the top.
7. Finger Paint red dots to be apples all over the tree.
The end results look like this:
Pretty cute!  I hope your first days back are fantastic, and that your kiddos have many stories to tell daddy when he gets home.
Happy Homeschooling!

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